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Adults lessons

Back in 2018 : September Monday 3th and Tuesday 4th.

Whether you're a novice or you have a certain experience.
Whether you have a precise idea, projects.
Or you want to discover the numerous technics that will enable to discover the extraordinary materiel that is clay.
I will be here to help you realise your wishes, explaining and guiding you a through the different technics, such as: Throwing, coiling, sculpting and moulding.

Each lessons lasts 2 hours, with a maximum of 8 students.

There are 6 electric wheels, two kilns, as well as a pugmill for coiling. We have a number of clays giving you a wide variety of textures and tints to the 45 glazes that are here for decorating and colouring your future creations.

In my classes, there are beginners. People who have been with me some months or even years, this always puts a good dynamic into the lessons and allows the novices to better evaluate their future progress.

If you feel tempted come and do a trial month.( 120 frs)

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The studio is close during the school holidays.

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